In traditional second language instruction, the target language is just the subject of instruction. Immersion programs use the target language for instruction and as a means of communication. This authentic communication allows participants to learn a second language in a similar manner to the way that they have learned their first.

2019 Traveling Teacher Program includes:


  • Cost: $3,000
  • June 15 - July 07
  • 5 hours a day of one-on-one Spanish tutoring Monday through Friday focused on your specific goals
  • Home-stay with a local family that includes all meals and private accommodations
  • In-country transportation, including airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Overnight stay in Antigua including Welcome Breakfast and walking tour
  • Volunteer coordination in educational settings
  • Opportunities to practice your Spanish and vocabulary in an educational settings
  • Socially engaged lectures, film screenings, and day trips
  • Weekly excursions in and around the community
  • In-country meet-ups with your Casita Institute coordinator
  • Graduation dinner at the end of your stay
  • Pre-travel meeting in Austin, Texas
  • Help planning and coordinating weekend excursions
  • Fall & Spring Fund Finding Workshop